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Hans Nipshagen: “The sculpture is hidden in the stone”

Art is about showing who you are.

Personal background

Hans Nipshagen (1951) has not always been a sculptor: “I never had the ambition to become an artist; it just came on my path. It stirred my soul and I felt: I am an artist.” After gaining extensive experience as a primary school teacher, he now spends all of his time on sculpting. Although he is originally from the countryside of North-Holland and lived in Nieuw Roden (Drenthe) for 32 years, he has been living in his new home, the Jugendstil Wartumerhof in Borgsweer, since 2007. In his garden, many sculptures are on display, which he has sculpted from stone himself. With his inventiveness and authentic passion he has given each sculpture its own history.

Vision on sculpting

Like a true artist, Nipshagen has his own vision on the art of sculpture: “The sculpture is hidden in the stone; you need to recognize it. I call it the soul of the stone. The excess stone will be removed to liberate the sculpture from the stone. The more purely you sculpt, the stronger the sculpture will be. Naturally, I also improvise on a theme I had in mind before I started – Greek mythology, biblical stories or personal experience. I try to express the subject I have in mind through the sculpting. This is an aspect that I think about deeply with regards to the stone I am about to sculpt. This is what makes sculpting so fascinating and surprising to me.”