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From renting an old-timer caravan to enjoying fish restaurants:

the small campsite of De Houwer in Groningen meets all of your wishes for a varied stay.

Camping dell'Arte

The art of camping!

Are you looking for a balance between relaxation, art and culture? Our campsite in Oldambt in Groningen is the place to be. Would you rather be more active? Camping dell’Arte is also ideally located for fishers.

The campsite is located on an acre of ground directly adjacent to a forest and fishing and boating water. After following the sculpting workshop, allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the surroundings, in which the Dollard beach is at a walking distance. Moreover, the Oldambt, an area in which more than a hundred artists reside, offers a rich culture. A tip to explore the atmosphere is the book De Graanrepubliek (The Grain Republic”) by Frank Westerman. Moreover, food lovers will not be disappointed: Termunterzijl boasts two renowned fish restaurants.

Visitors of our camping dell’Arte have appreciated the natural values such as tranquillity and space. The other facilities, such as the excellent sanitary facilities, provide the necessary comfort.


Have you been dreaming of a classic caravan for years? Rent it at De Houwer’s campsite in Groningen!

For the connoisseurs: this nostalgic caravan is of the brand Lander. It has been equipped with wooden panelling, 230 Volt electric connection, a fridge for all your cold refreshments, a two burner stove, kitchen supplies, water tank, two chairs and one corkscrew. Enough to read your books and relax in the sun, prepare a Dutch meal inside in case of rain and to relax after a day of hiking and cycling in the beautiful surroundings of the Oldambt.


The rent is €50,00 per night for 2 people. You do not need to bring your own sheets: you can buy them from us for only €5,00.

Reserve on time to spend the night in this classic caravan!


Are you a fanatic fisherman or have you always wanted to try? Camping dell’Arte is the place to be! On top of offering sculpting courses, the campsite of De Houwer in Groningen offers the possibility of hiking to the fishing waters of the Oldambt. Relax after a day of sculpting and enjoy the natural surroundings of the East of Groningen.

Camping plus sculpting workshop

We are the only ones in the Netherlands to offer you sculpting workshops in combination with overnight stays at our campsite in Groningen. For more information about what you can expect during the sculpting courses, go to sculpting workshops.

In the May holiday and during the entire summer holiday (roughly the months of July and August), sculpting workshops are organized from Monday to Friday. Groups of four to a maximum of eight people can come visit the peaceful natural surroundings of the Oldambt throughout the year.

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