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Sculpting is passionately turning creativity into a work of art.

Find out which sculpture you will release from the stone.

Individual workshop

Would you like to be challenged in your creativity? In an individual sculpting workshop, you will explore the language of form of your work of art. The soft soapstone that will be used can be easily shaped in one day.


Bring your own story, because it will form the basis of your sculpture and it will determine the content – and, therefore, the shape - of the stone.

Your own story is central

The working title is the symbol of your own story. Choosing a working title can be challenging to some people. However, it helps to have a guideline during the workshop, because the working title literally provides direction to the chisel and to the sculpture. Obviously, the working title “cuddly” will lead to completely different shapes than the theme “prickly”.

Stone, as an ancient material, seems tough and inaccessible, but with the right tools, the right techniques and some patience it can be shaped very well. The art is to learn how to create sculptures by feeling. Often, working themes are related to profound experiences, such as the passing of a loved one or a major personal development. When these experiences are taken as a starting point, the working process and the effort it takes to sculpt the stone can be experienced as a metaphoric coping process. You can express your emotions in the creative process of sculpting.

It does not always have to be this serious. Working titles such as “party”, “freedom”, “clown”, “affection”, “graduation project” or “chestnut” will lead to creative results just as well. If you do not wish to choose a working title, you can decide to create a striking sculpture with several basic form-technical principles as the starting point of the workshop. The proof of the pudding is the eating.

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